Dust Daddy Cleaning Tool Universal Vacuum Attachment

  • This vacuum cleaner attachment works with most standard sized vacuum hoses. the blue part is detachable to adapt with smaller or bigger hose.Easily attaches to any vacuum ,such as dyson vacuum hose ,shark vac and so on
  • You need to check your vacuum connector size first. Our dual joint bores are 1.48″ and 1.3″, which is the standard size for most vacuums. You only need to measure the outer diameter of your connector. Fit to this size for your vacuum.
  • Made with 36 flexible micro-size suction tubes.They are flexible somewhere you can’t clean clearly with normal tools, but not with this one, you can use it to clean your draw, corners, even your pets.Can be used everywhere.
  • This design allows you to just suction in the dust without worrying about that larger items or debris being sucked in as well.Ergonomic grip for comfort & control.It is the best cleaning tool ever,no need to move things before dusting
  • when you done your cleaning work with this you would be happy for your purchasing, and you will be amazed for what it has done.

This design allows you dust around bigger objects without moving things away before your cleaning work.Tube Adjuster Slides for Concentrated Suction or Wide Cover.Easily Attaches to Any standard sized Vacuum. Ergonomic Grip for Comfortable holding. Flexible long tubes, easy to use, strong suction, universal attachment, dirt dust remover cleaner, easy to use, many tubes, access to many places, good helper for mom, long work life, detachable parts, easy to install.